Dental Lumineers in Marmaris

What are Dental Lumineers?

Dental Lumineers are thin shells covering your teeth's surface to produce a more attractive and aesthetically appealing smile line. They're made specifically for each person, so you may pick the colour, form, and size of your Lumineers to get the desired effect. Dental Lumineers require little or no preparation, making them the quickest and simplest method to create a Smile Makeover.

Benefits of Dental Lumineers

- Lumineers do not require any tooth structure to be removed, and they are bonded directly to the tooth surface. - Patients get their final Lumineers within five treatment sessions, which begin with the impression and consultation day. - Lumineers connect directly to the teeth' character, making it a conservative aesthetic option. - They are a long-lasting alternative if you have discoloured, damaged teeth or wish to enhance your smile. - According to clinical trials, they are also highly durable, with good oral health and surviving for ten years or longer. - Because the Lumineers is a minimally invasive technique, they may be placed over existing teeth without destroying any tooth structure or minimal preparation.


We'd like to inform you that Lumineers is not a treatment used on every patient. Our Cosmetic Dentist and experienced Patient Coordinators will tell you if you're a good candidate for Lumineers during your consultation, including your Panoramic X-ray and oral examination. You may also e-mail us copies of your dental photographs to verify whether or not you are a suitable candidate before your arrival.

- The Lumineers are effective against cavities. If they're on good-conditioned teeth, there should be no decay. And if any tooth fillings exist, they must be examined and assured that they are healthy, with no overhanging restorations or recurring cavities beneath them.

- Oral hygiene is an essential component in selecting lumineers since you should detect no indications of gum disease to avoid bleeding during bonding and affect the longevity and quality of lumineers.

- Teeth that have discolouration that is resistant to vital bleaching procedures. - Closure of the diastema - Dentists will evaluate the extent and severity of your injury, as well as any residual damage, to determine treatment goals, which have as much to do with restoring normal function as they do with aesthetics.

What is the Difference Between Lumineers and Porcelain Veneers?

Lumineers are thin porcelain materials custom-made for you, bonded to your teeth with a long-lasting adhesive. The main distinction between conventional dental veneers and lumineers is the ultra-thin thickness of Lumineers, which is similar to that of dental crowns. During placement, Lumineers necessitate minor modification.The dentin has to be polished and rinsed, after which the enamel must be refreshed with minor enameloplasty. The dental substance of construction that distinguishes Lumineers from traditional veneers is Cerinate porcelain, which is far more durable and thinner than conventional veneers.Lumineers are made of a thin layer of porcelain that covers the entire lens, and Lumineers are comparable to contact lenses in terms of thickness. When you want to perform a makeover or just contour and brighten your smile with no preparation required, Lumineers are the best option. We can provide Dental Veneers or Dental Crowns to get the final result you desire for teeth that protrude, recede, crowd, have significant gaps, or suffer from damage.

Dental Lumineers Aftercare

To keep your Lumineers looking good for longer, brush and floss them like you would natural teeth. To maintain a healthy oral care regimen, you must Brush and Floss your Lumineers as you would your natural teeth. Check-ups with your dentist (every six months is recommended) are the best method to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Avoid biting down on hard things with your fingernails and avoid negative habits such as nail-biting and clenching to ensure that your Lumineers survive long.

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