White Filling in Marmaris


Marmaris Dentals Turkey offers high-quality composite fillings at a low price. You don't have to be concerned about metal fillings that are uncomfortable and unsightly any longer, and our fillings are white material that resembles the natural tooth colour. You may get the best fillings performed by highly experienced dentists.

Custom-made Dental Fillings in Turkey

To create long-lasting, attractive dental fillings that are durable and lightweight, we combine synthetic resin (plastic) with glass powder. Synthetic resin is commonly utilized to repair tooth damage caused by cavities or minor injuries. Resin fillings are simple to apply and perfectly reflect the form of the teeth. Because they look white, resin fillings are ideal for use in anterior teeth. Front teeth are the most common location for resin fillings. Because they appear to be white, resins are suitable for this application. Fillings made of glass or acrylic are often placed directly below the gum line. This substance releases fluoride, which protects teeth. Glass fillings are frequently utilized on children who have not established good brushing habits. While glass and resin fillings on their own are not robust or able to withstand impact, such as that created by back teeth when biting, our unique combination of these two materials produces a filling that is both long-lasting and attractive. Our composite combines the advantages of both. The composite material appears white, so the filling will never look out of place. We offer several tints to match your natural tooth colour wonderfully. You will go unnoticed if you have had a fill.

Benefits of Marmaris Dentals Turkey Fillings

Repairing Damaged Teeth: In addition to closing cavities, our aesthetically beautiful fillings can be used to hide minor physical damage such as chipped teeth. It will be less expensive than getting a crown or a veneer to get the same result.

Long-lasting: Our fillings are more durable and resistant to chewing pressure, and most metal fillings aren't as long-lasting.

Natural-looking Fillings: With fillings we make, we ensure high levels of aesthetics. We match the filling to your natural tooth colour to make it nearly impossible to detect.

Perfect Bonding: Resin is included in our composite filling material, which is recognized for bonding strongly to tooth surfaces. A composite filling will seal the damage a lot better than a metal one.

Best Quality and Low Costs Dental Fillings in Turkey

We make our cosmetic dental fillings in our clinic at Marmaris Dentals Turkey, which is advantageous because customers do not have to pay for costly lab expenses. In Turkey, operational costs are usually low, so that you may get a dental filling for a lot less than in the UK or the United States.

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