Scale & Polish in Marmaris


Scaling and polishing teeth is a frequent dental hygiene treatment with several advantages. Plaque gathers on our teeth every day, as we are all aware. Every day we brush our teeth at least twice to remove the plaque from our teeth. The surfaces of our teeth, particularly the back molars, are jagged and uneven. A toothbrush may not reach some areas of your mouth adequately.

Plaque accumulates in these hard-to-reach places, which hardens into tartar, making it difficult to remove. Tartar may darken and make your teeth unattractive, just as plaque can. Once this tartar has been eliminated using a scale and polish, your teeth will appear cleaner and brighter.

Cleaning Your Teeth at Marmaris Dentals Turkey

Did your teeth cleaned and polished by a highly trained dental hygienist at one of our clinics. This process is painless and takes only a few minutes. The dental hygienist would utilize an ultrasonic scaler that works at high speeds to remove tartar from the gum line and tooth surfaces. You will not feel the scaler, and you will use it for only a short time.

After the electric scaling, your dental hygienist will use a specific set of instruments to remove tartar manually from areas the scaler can't reach. The hygienist would make sure that all tartar is removed. This part is painless and shouldn't take more than five minutes.

The dental hygienist will begin to polish your teeth after food debris and tartar are entirely removed. This is comparable to brushing your teeth, but the dental hygienist usually uses a brush that rotates at high speeds with fluoride toothpaste. The process is similar to polishing your teeth. Your teeth will have a brilliant and white appearance, with hardly any tartar visible after they're done.

Scaling and polishing your teeth removes debris from areas your toothbrush can't reach. You may significantly reduce the formation of cavities or infections due to uncleaned plaque or tartar due to this technique. Your back molar teeth, which are difficult to access and have uncomfortable grooves, will see the most significant benefit.

Professionally polished teeth will also appear pearly white without the need for any teeth whitening product. While costing relatively little, this technique can restore your natural sheen in a brief period. Your mouth will feel clean and smooth after this painless procedure, similar to if you had just brushed your teeth thoroughly. If you have been suffering from plaque problems, you will instantly notice a difference in how you feel.

You may get a full-scale polish at a Marmaris Dentals Turkey practice in a day, and a trip won't take more than an hour.

Benefits of Scale and Polish

Debris from your mouth is removed by scaling and polishing teeth in areas where your toothbrush can't reach. This treatment may substantially decrease the chance of cavities or infections caused by unclean plaque or tartar. The majority of the benefits will be seen on your back molar teeth, which are difficult to access and have uncomfortable grooves.Teeth that have not been whitened will appear pearly white after polishing. Teeth whitening chemicals are not required for this natural technique to make your teeth seem more gleaming and brilliant. In a very short amount of time, you may see significant changes in the appearance of your teeth. You'll feel considerably better right away if you've had plaque-related issues.

In one day, you can finish a full scale and polish at a Marmaris Dentals Turkey clinic. It will take less than an hour to come by.

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